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Beamton Montessori

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Beamton Montessori

500 Centre Ave E #105
Airdrie, AB

Where We Began

Beamton Montessori Inc. stemmed from passion and love for guiding children to learn. For over two decades in the industry of education, the opportunity came to me to establish my own program in Montessori in the comfort of home environment for a limited accommodation of 6 children, ages 3-6 each session (Sept. 2015-2018)

I am genuinely grateful with the parents' excellent remarks on the academic results of their children especially in reading and how they promote the program with their friends and family for its solid foundation it offers. Since then, I had a strong vision of helping more families in a wider range in the communities of Airdrie and other neighboring cities. Thus, Beamton Montessori is born and has officially launched in Early 2019.